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Yes We Did! Some AMAZING New Inclusive Packages Added

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Yes We Did! Some AMAZING New Inclusive Packages Added

Businesses should be an ever  growing and evolving thing, particularly when you are in a service business.  It’s important to pay  attention to cues from potential and past clients  that might clue you in on what you’re missing, what you can do better and how you can improve.  A little more than a year ago I made some pretty big and amazing changes to the Ballroom that brought our venue to a whole new level and in doing so I got to work with some pretty amazing clients and teamed with some of the areas best vendors, like Icing on the Cake and Cake Deigns by Angie for the cakes that come with every wedding package.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking hard about how I can make the experience at the Ballroom even better and bring us to the next level. Now, I’m excited to introduce some of our new, more inclusive and amazing packages we put together with some additional vendor partners  and new menus from our caterers. And, of course, introduce you to our new and improved website.

The Asa Packer & Harry Packer Packages – Most of our couples, particularly those not from the immediate area, end up staying at the Inn at Jim Thorpe. So, I wanted to create packages that includes a two night stay. Of course, wrapped in a package means little unless it comes with a discount. And so, our Asa Packer and Harry Packer packages offer just that.  I also wanted to make it easier for couples that are not from the area to pull together their event by including floral centerpieces from Ruby’s Floral Factory.  Of course, as a venue I can negotiate a pretty good deal and so couples get $1,000 worth of centerpieces at a very deep discount that is incororpated into the per person price. The Asa package comes with 5 hours of open bar while the Harry Packer comes with 2 hours of open bar from the Broadway Grill & Pub.    A new sit down menu from Capriotti’s Catering is also offered . The Asa package even comes with colored uplighting around the room (can be added to the Harry Packer as an add-on).   While our other packages do not have a required minimum, the Asa & Harry packages require a 100 guest count min at the full package price and is only availabe on Saturday  so it’s not eligible for our Friday & Sunday 10% discount.


Our client Juliette, getting ready at a Suite at the Inn at Jim Thorpe. Photo by Zubek-Miller Photography out of Nesquehoning, PA

The Foreman’s Package – playing on the Jim Thorpe theme , I wanted to create a package along the vein of the Asa & Harry with some inclusive items, but paired down just a bit and for those  that are local and do not need a night at the Inn.  This package has all that our basic packages offer including a wedding cake (limits apply)  plus the addition of floral centerpieces from Ruby’s. This package does not carry a 100 guest min at full price and can be purchased on a Friday or Sunday, so it’s eligible for the 10% discount on those days.

Customized Wedding Packages –  Not every couple has the same vision for their day.  Originally I had created a Wedding Lite package with the idea that it was somewhere between a full sit down reception and a casual night out. What I found, however, was that an event of that nature can’t really be pigeon holed into one per person price.  Many Brides began creating things that were far beyond the scope of what I priced and there were things worked into the per person price they didn’t really need, and additional things I hadn’t even thought of like outside furniture rental used to create a completely different vibe or feel.  This package allows us to work together to bring you  the standard of service people have come to expect from us coupled with your very particular ideas of what you want to do for your day.  Whether you go with the Bring Your Own Caterer or a Cocktail Reception, we will work closely with you to tailor it to fit your tastes and budget; working with our connections and network to pass on our savings to you.


Our other packages have remained intact.  As always, all the prices that we put together already includes tax and gratuity. Bartenders are still an additional charge, but we have no other hidden fees.  You may wonder, however, where the prices on the website went?  Well, that’s because you know who we are, now we want to know about you.   I think its so important that couples actually go and see, in person, the venues that they are looking at to learn just what it has  to offer that a computer screen simply can’t convey.

For complete menu listings and a look at everything the packages include please visit our Packages page. To schedule a visit and receive pricing information you can email, fill out our Contact Us  page  or call 484-629-5070.

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