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The Dress Bustle: Why You NEED To Bring a Bridesmaid to Your Final Fitting.

Posted in: Etiquette, Ettiquette, Wedding Planning Advice
The Dress Bustle:  Why You NEED To Bring a Bridesmaid to Your Final Fitting.

This has been a blog I have wanted to write for so long. I get busy, and then forget… until I’m faced with the same issue at another wedding and say.. okay, this time I have to write it. Well, at one of my weddings this past October the wedding photographer (Josh of Josh Finsel and Amber Breiner Photography) captured the moment and so I knew.. this time, it would get written! So YAY! Here it is.

Bridesmaids have many things that they can and will do to help their dear friend navigate their day. But, there is one task that is really really important that I think tends  to get overlooked;  attending the Bride’s final fitting.  It may sound ridiculous, but there have been times where the Bride’s entrance has been delayed by nearly 1/2 hour because me, the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother or a combination thereof  have all been fishing for those hidden hoops and loops and buttons.

So, here are some very simple tips to making sure your bustle doesn’t slow the wedding hustle (LOL.. my attempt at being clever).

1. Bring your bridesmaid to the fitting. You can bring your mom, sure… but seriously, bring a Bridesmaid as well.. Heck.. bring two!  The more the merrier.  Have them pay close attention and “feel” where all the loops and buttons are on  the dress.  Have the dress shop show them how to buslte it, then have them do it themselves .  This way,  on the day of,  they’ll know from motor memory where to look for and feel for those hidden loops. Be sure to have the bustle laid out nicely behind the bride, so that each loop and hook can be clearly pointed out.

2.  Use your phones video camera.   Video tape the entire bustle process when you are shown it by your dress maker.  As the dress is laid out, have the shop point out where on the laid out train to find the loops and where it goes. This way, if time has passed between the fitting and  the wedding and you forget, you have your own hand dandy how to video.  And, of course, make sure that video is accesible on the phone the day of the wedding for easy reference.  Even watch it earlier in the day and, once the bride has the dress on, do a dry run of looking for the bustle loops so that later on it will be a snap.

3.  For a more complicated bustle, draw a diagram.  Okay, this one may be a little OCD but if it’s a really complicated bustle, you may want to draw yourself a diagram of the back of the dress, where the buttons are and where their respective “match” will be found (often bustle loops are color coordinated ).  Simpler dresses don’t require this step, but one time I had a bride that had 20 buttons to tie up to bustle the dress.  A diagram is useful in those situations.


The above photo was taken by JFAB Photography.