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Getting Ready the Day of: Why the Bride should ALWAYS be Priority in the Make Up Chair

Posted in: Wedding Planning Advice
Getting Ready the Day of: Why the Bride should ALWAYS be Priority in the Make Up Chair

It goes without saying, or at least it should, that the wedding day is YOUR day – as a couple, of course. Ultimately , all the activities should be centered around you.   And, that includes makeup and hair.

Well , duh right?

But it sometimes happens that others around you tend to be focused on themselves.  Okay , we get it, they want to look good too.  But , their ability to get their own hair and makeup done by the hairstylist or makeup artist should be secondary to the Bride.  Case in point, at a recent wedding family members were up  and getting ready early.  The makeup artist was bombarded with hair/makeup from family members; and the Bride did not get into the chair to begin the “getting ready” process till 1/2 hour before the scheduled start of the wedding nuptials. And, the couple had first look photos still to do.  Oh boy!

Needless to say, this ran their first look photos late and ultimately, the couple arrived 1/2 hour late to their own ceremony.

Now, this doesn’t happen too often because, most of the time, Brides are assertive enough to let their friends and family know that it’s their day. But, then there are those brides who are more humble and don’t neccesarily want to make it about them and are too nice or too shy about putting their foot down and asserting themselves.  I guess you can say they are the opposite of the Bridezilla.

So, this blog is a reminder that it’s okay to make yourself the priority on this, one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day.  Do put your foot down, do assert yourself and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Especailly if that assertion is within reason.

And, while we’re discussing hair/makeup , here’s some other good advice:

1.  Who pays?  If you are making it a priority that all bridesmaids wear their hair a specical way  and you are making it a requirement, then the obligation to pay for hair/make up falls with the bride.  If it’s optional and they would like to have a professional do their hair and/or makeup, then the Bridesmaids should be responsible for their own.

2.  Make sure the Bride is done either first, or at the very least, in the middle of the makeup timeline.   After all, the Bride is the most imporant and it is most important that she looks her best. You don’t want the stylist rushing when doing the brides hair and make up because things were running late.  She doesn’t neccesarily have to go first, but she should at least be near the beginning.

3.  Allow for at least 45 minutes per person in the chair.  Some may be faster, some may take more time. It depends on the style and length of the persons hair.

4.  Bring your Bridal Party to the dry run of hair/make up with you.  If your hair dresser and their staff will be taking care of the Bridal party, they should attend the dry run makeup/hair appointment with you. Not neccesarily to sit in the chair, but at the very least, to give the staff an idea of who and what they will be doing the day of.  At this appointment, any of your girls that are making their own arrangments (if using the same person or salon) can do so at that time.  This way the salon or makeup/hair artist will know how much time they will truly need that day.

5. What about Mom’s and Granparents, Aunts, Cousins?    If your mom, aunts, cousins or anyone else wants to get made up, then they should make their own arrangements so that the sytlist from the salon you chose can bring extra help on the day to attend to those guests.   By no means should their desire to have their hair/make up done impede upon the brides time in the chair or the schedule set for hair/makeup etc with the Bridal party.  Adding extra person here or there that says.. ooh, can you help me do mine, will ultimately cause the bride and potentially her entire bridal party to be late.

This also applies to the Bridal party.  If you have made it optional , then they make their own arrangments  OR prior to the wedding day indicate that they want a turn in the chair so that the salon/ stylist can plan accordingly (as already mentioned in tip #4).

6.  Prioritize your “get ready” space for you.  Often couples that have their receptions at the Ballroom are staying at and having their make up artist come to the hotels/houses or B&B’s that they are staying in.   It’s important that anyone making their own arrangments, also make sure that their hairstylist and make up turn in the chair is taking place in a space that doesn’t impede on the space that the Bride and the Bridesmaids are getting ready in.  This can slow down the process and create a cramped space, making it difficult for everyone to get ready on time.

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