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Below are some commonly asked questions.

What are your payment schedules and when is payment usually due?

We initially require a $1500 deposit for weddings and anywhere from $800 – $1500 for other, non wedding events.

For weddings, we require an additional 1/3 deposit on remaining balance at some point between the initial booking and final payment.

Final payment for ALL events is due prior to any event taking place.  For weddings, final guests count is due 1 month prior with payment 3 weeks before the wedding date.

For all other events, final payment and guests counts are due 1 week prior to the event.

Can we provide our own food?

The Ballroom does have the option of bringing in a caterer of your choice outside of our packages.  However, the caterer brought in must be licensed and insured and a certificate of insurance must be provided to the Ballroom.

Price for rental will depend on the level of service the caterer provides. Full service caterers should provide the following

  • Set up of the event space
  • Break down of event space
  • Servers
  • Dishwashers

For caterers that are not full service (drop food and run) there will be additional charges depending and can be discussed with our coordinator.

Do you have a minimum guest count requirement?

There are no minimum guest requirements.

We are actually quite perfect for weddings that are less than 100, as our room is spacious enough to fit up to 150 guests, but not too big where your smaller affair would get lost in it. Most of our weddings usually fall between 80 and 110 guests and we have done weddings of around 50 guests as well.



How many weddings do you do in a day?

At the Mauch Chunk Ballroom we only hold one wedding a day.

Do you allow candles?

Yes, we do allow for candles.

We are pretty flexible in what decor we allow and we encourage our couples to make it their own with their unique touches.  Our only restriction is that any decor items used can not be taped, glued, nailed or in anyway affixed to the walls and woodwork.

Please note: Candles do ruin tablecloths. If you are renting your own linens, there may be additional charges from the rental facility for damaged linens.

Can you recommend good photo locations?

We consider the entire downtown district as part of our venue.  We are within walking distance to just about every historically signifigant building or museum. There is also no shortage of excellent places to take pictures.  Most often, couples start at the Train Station and take pictures near the Lehigh River, the Gazebo and station at Josiah White Park, Kemmerer Park, around the Asa Packer Mansion and then proceed up Broadway where just about anyone’s front door or small courtyard make for a beautiful photo op.  The Ballroom can provide a full list of recommendations on spots.  Another good reference is to check our Facebook page and the Pictures Around Jim Thorpe album we created.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

The building was built in 1848, rebuilt in 1878 and so it was not fitted with handicap accessibility.  However, we do have a special chair that guests who have difficulty walking up stairs can get in to ride up to the Ballroom level. Unfortunately, however, wheelchairs are unable to get in both the front door and up to the Ballroom level.

Is the Ballroom air conditioned?

Yes, the Ballroom is both air conditioned and heated for all season comfort.

Can you recommend ceremony locations near your venue?

Yes, we can!  And there are tons of options within walking distance of the Ballroom that we can recommend, as well as areas just outside of downtown Jim Thorpe.  As a matter of fact, if can visit our special blog about just such locations HERE.

When you book at the Ballroom, our coordinator will help you make arrangements AND be present for your rehearsal and ceremony if you choose a location anywhere in downtown Jim Thorpe.

Do you offer discounts for Fridays or Sundays?

Yes, on most wedding  packages we offer a $400 off our package price for a Friday or Sunday wedding.

The Asa Packer and the Harry Packer package are only available on Saturday with a minimum 100 guests at full price,  so are not eligible for any discounts.

What liquor packages do you have and can we bring our own?

Liquor packages are available with Capriottis (Full Service Preferred Caterer of the Ballroom).   You can elect to bring your own alcohol.  It is highly recommended that if you are providing your own liquor, you also hire someone to serve the alcohol.  This person MUST provide full bar set up / clean up or additional charges may be incurred for the rental of the space.

We recommend that you have a min of 2 Bartenders for weddings of 100 or more.

Highland Beverage , located in town, can supply beer for your event and they will deliver on the day of your event.  They can also supply bags of ice.  We do have an ice chest for which ice ordered for your event can be stored.

NO KEGS ALLOWED. Bottles or cans only.


Can you recommend places for our guests to stay?

Can we ever!  Jim Thorpe is loaded with different options for your guest accomodations, that includes the Inn at Jim Thorpe along with several B&B’s , all within walking distance to the Mauch Chunk Ballroom.  There are also many homes available on Broadway (within walking distance) that your entire party , group or family members can rent for the weekend.   The Ballroom will provide you with a list of all the different options and recommendations we make .

How many guests does your ballroom hold?

At the Ballroom we can accommodate up to 180 guests, depending on the packages selected.

Our round table set up can be used for weddings with guests of approx 120 (with 110 on our floor and the couple and Bridal Party on our stage area)

For guests of more than 120, we utilize 12′ long banquet tables and we can accommodate 150 guests for sit down or buffet service with this set up. 150 is the max for a traditional dinner service wedding.

Weddings of more than 155 can be accommodated with the Customized Cocktail Reception package.


What other fees do you charge?

At the Ballroom, we made our pricing as simple and easy to calculate as possible.  When you contact us for our full brochure, all prices listed will already include any tax and gratuity.  You simply multiply your guests count by the package price for your costs.

The only additional charges you may incurr would be if :

  • Your guests count is below 100 .  In this instance we charge $13/ a head below 100.  So, if your guest count was 90, we would charge you $13 x 10 or $130 room fee.
  • Ceremony Fee – If you elect to have your ceremony at the Ballroom, we charge a $175 ceremony on-site location fee.
Can our guests tour the Museum?

ABSOLUTELY!  We encourage you to inform your guests that the museum will be open to them at the beginning of the evening.

We hold the museum open at the very start (prior to cocktail hour) and for about 30 minutes into cocktail hour. The musuem, however, will be closed to your guests about 1/2 hour into your cocktail hour.

Where will my guests park?

The Ballroom can make arrangements for your guests to park for an additional fee of $200 (on top of the rental fee). The lot used will be either the Immaculate Conception Lot (located across from the church – Friday weddings only) or the Court Annex Parking Lot on Mansion Hill (Saturday weddings).  If you would like us to reserve this parking for you, please let us know at booking.

A shuttle can be provided for your guests to take them from the parking lot to the front door for an additional charge of $175 (for 2 hours – 1 hour at the start, 1 hour at the end). Suggested shuttle times are 45 minutes before the start of your reception till 15 minutes into your reception and 1/2 hour before the end of your reception to 1/2 hour after the end of your reception.  Additional time may be purchased for a charge of $75/hour (for example, if you would like the driver to take you around town for photos or if you would like him to arrive earlier for guests that may want to leave early).