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Erin & Mike: Their Destination Wedding in Jim Thorpe

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Erin & Mike:  Their Destination Wedding in Jim Thorpe

I often call Jim Thorpe a destination wedding location close to home.  That is just what Jim Thorpe was to Erin & Mike, who , along with family and friends, came from New Jersey for a little romantic wedding get-a-way!  They even brought in Tami Melissa photography, from New Jersey, to take their photos.  This photographer has been to many weddings from this group and it’s no wonder why!  The pictures were stunning.

Mike and Erin held their ceremony right in our Ballroom space.  One of the Bride’s close friends was the officiant, and they elected to do a beautiful hand binding ceremony in the ancient celtic fashion (loved it!).  Erin’s dress was stunning.  And, just take a look at the pic below; yes, that one shot is of the groom when he first laid eyes on his bride!

Erin arrived in a Horse Drawn Carriage from Crystal View Carriage

Am loving the Groom’s reaction to seeing the Bride for the first time!

I absolutely love that they did a hand binding ceremony in celtic style – which, by they way, the couple is currently honeymooning in Ireland!

The couple were sure not to miss photo opportunities in and around town (they even had their photographer stay overnight to do another photo sessoin the next day!).   And, there were photo opportunities  galore from the train, the large coal rock in Josiah White Park , right in the middle of picturesque Broadway, and the outside alley seating at Tony Stella’s Encore  right on Broadway .

Like I’ve always said – just go stand in front of any door in Jim Thorpe and you have a beautiful photo !

Neat shot at Tony Stella’s Encore Restaurant in his outdoor alley seating area!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this train shot!

The reception was set with three regular round tables and cocktail tables with chiavari chairs.  White wedding was the theme, with beautiful centerpieces, white birds, pearls and diamond decorations on the table.  All was accented with soft up-lighting around the room in an amber hue.

Cupcake Tower topped with two layer cake by Truly Scrumptious

The couple did an amazing choreographed dance routine for their first dance together. It was fantastic, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a bride who was a dancer most of her life and I must say , her new husband kept up pretty well!

Then there was the father daughter dance and Erin and her dad took everyone by surprise! They started dancing to “When You Wish Upon a Star”  (Erin is a fan of all things Disney) and then, in the middle, they broke out in Beastie Boys only to finish the dance off with Wish Upon a Star. It was, by far, the best father daughter dance I’ve seen to date.

Thank you Mike & Erin for not only coming to Jim Thorpe for your wedding, but for choosing the Ballroom.   We wish you many years of joy and happiness!

It was a pleasure working with the following vendors:

Cake by Truly Scrumptious

Music by The Secret Service Band

Horse Drawn Carriage by Crystal View Carriage Services

Photography by Tami Mellisa Photography

Cocktail Food by Through the Looking Glass