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Ceremony Locations in Jim Thorpe

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Ceremony Locations in Jim Thorpe

I have always said that Jim Thorpe was a destination wedding location close to home.  The town, which was voted one of the  the top 5  most beautiful small towns in America in 2012  and one of the top 5 most fun small towns in American 2013   by Best of the Road, has so much to offer not only couples, but the guests that come to your wedding.  But, beyond picturesque and quaint, Jim Thorpe also has  some very unique ceremony locations. Most are within walking distance of the Mauch Chunk Ballroom.  Here is some info with pics and cost (where available to me) for each.

The Mauch Chunk Ballroom –   We  offer our couples the ability to have their ceremony at the Ballroom as well as their reception.  It makes for a very convenient (and affordable) option.  While the ceremony and reception all occur in the same room, we do have the ability (with parties of 110 or less) to arrange seating in rows with a center aisle.  Couples can get married on the full stage at the back of the room or in front of the large front windows that overlook Broadway.   – Ceremony site fee $175  

Ceremony set up using regular chairs and high top chiavari chairs bride rented for reception.

Immaculate Conception Church – This beautiful Catholic Church is just steps away from the Mauch Chunk Ballroom .  It is gorgeous both inside and out and is located directly across the street from where your guests will park if your reception is being held at the Ballroom. If it may be too far for some of your guests to walk , no worries,, our shuttle van can take your guests from your ceremony to the Ballroom’s front door!  Requirements:  1 of the two people getting married must be Catholic.  Couple must meet with Father Ward to determine eligability and fees involved.

St. Mark & St John’s Church on Race Street – This is one of the most beautiful church’s in all of Jim Thorpe and has historic signifigance to the town, having been the church of Asa Packer and many of the folks living on Millionaires Row back in Jim Thorpe (then Mauch Chunk’s)  Victorian hey day. Church will be closed to tourist for your wedding.  Fees vary on season and whether you are a member or non-member of the church.  For more information contact 570-325-2241 or visit

From a Christmas Wedding in 2013

Josiah White Park Gazebo – This beautiful town center is located just in front of the Mauch Chunk Train station.   If your not shy, this is a great outdoor option.  The Gazebo is subject to availability (not typically available during town festivals).  If you book at the Ballroom, I can easily make the arrangements with the borough to reserve the Gazebo.  Fees:  FREE!  Call the Carbon County Commisioners Office at 570-325-8523

Anita Shapolsky Gallery  – Once a church, this gallery displays abstract expressionist art.  Guests can peruse the artwork prior to your ceremony , which takes place in the former sanctuary on the second floor.  The space is usually made available to couples the night before for rehearsal and arrangement of seating and any decor you’d want to include (they have pews and chairs that can be moved into place).  You can satisfy your need for non-traditional while also satisfying any families requirements of getting married in a traditional church as it has managed to retain itsbeautiful and religious  stain glass windows.  Available spring through early fall.   Fees:  around $400 – $500. Deposit required.  Contact Anita Shapolsky at 212-249-2393

The Mauch Chunk Opera House – The Opera House has a rich history in Jim Thorpe. It was  a regular stop on the Vaudeville circuit of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and has hosted legends like Mae West, Red Skelton, Al Jolson, W.C. Fields, and the Dorsey Brothers, among others..  Today, the Opera House is a fully functioning concert venue that hosts regular shows all year round on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Requirements:  Weddings are booked based on availability and must be out of the venue by 3pm (both on rehearsal days and wedding day). Access for rehearsal the night before is available for an additional fee.  Backdrop lighting is provided. Sound and microphones can be used for an additional fee.  Arrangements can be made either through the Ballroom (when booking your reception with us) or by calling JTAMS directly.  Fee:  betweeen $400 and $500.  $200 deposit is required. Contact Vince Dejozio or Dan Hugos at (570) 325-4009

The Old Jailhouse Museum – for a truly unique location (and one that will get your family talking!) why not get hitched at the Old Jail House Museum.  One of Jim Thorpe’s most popular attractions, the Old Jailhouse Museum once housed some of the Molly McGuires.  On a wall in the cell is the infamous hand print, put there by a McGuire that cried his innonence.  It is located between the Ballroom parking lot and the Ballroom itself.  I suggest the Jailhouse for 2 hours – 1 hour for a rehearsal the day before and 1 hour for the ceremony (assuming a 1/2 hour ceremony).  Fees:  $130/hour – suggested 2 hours $260. Contact the owners at (570) 325-5259

Photo in front of jailhouse cell on second level balcony

Get hitched on a Train – why not get hitched on a train ride into the beautiful Lehigh Gorge.  This is perfect for an intimate wedding of around 60 guests.  Ride in an open car or closed.  A truly unique way to tie the knot.  Contact the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway at (570) 325-8485

Kemmerer Park – not many realize this park is there, but it’s nestled just below the Asa Packer Mansion and the Harry Packer Mansion and next to the lot for the Carbon County Courthouse.  There is a little patchy green area just in front of the beautiful restored Kemmerer Carriage House that would make a great location for an outdoor ceremony.  Guests would have a little grassy hike to the location from the lot.  Fees:  I do not, at this time, know what the park committee would ask for having a ceremony.  Chairs could be rented and brought in.  I could contact the park committee should you be ineterested.

Of course, the possibilities don’t end there.  Here are some other ideas that are not within walking distance, but are nearby:

Mauch Chunk Lake– you’ll have to have either a morning ceremony before the park opens to the public or after the park closes to swimmers.  Right by the edge of the lake is a really beautiful spot, although might not be easy for some guests to get to.

Ukranian Homestead Outdoor Chapel – only requirement is that it be a Christian Cermeony.  For more information contact the Ukranian Homestead at (610) 377-4621

Little White Chapel – this church is so adorable. Located in Palmerton, PA (about 15 minutes from Jim Thorpe) off Rte 248, this historic landmark is available through the Palmerton Historical Society 610-824-6954


As you can see, the possibilities in Jim Thorpe and with the Ballroom are endless!  I know most of the people in and around town  and they know me.  I  can help you to make arrangments  and  secure any of these venues for your ceremony.    If you’re interested in learning more about any of these ceremony locations and/or about a reception at the Mauch Chunk Ballroom, give me (Tara) a call at 484-629-5070